Jim Cutler - jimcutler

The Painted Ladies

Tens of thousands of these houses we’re built from the mid 1800′s till about 1915 and according to newspapers of that time, many were painted WILD colors. A newspaper article from 1885 said “…red, yellow, chocolate, orange, everything that is loud is in fashion…if the upper stories are not of red or blue… they are painted up into uncouth panels of yellow and brown…”. But by the time of the World Wars many were painted over with surplus-war battleship grey paint and thousands of others were demolished. In 1963 an artist began painting his Victorian in wild blues and greens and the “colorist movement” resulted in these famous seven sisters. The “Painted Ladies”, all built between 1892 and 1896, sit on Steiner Street across from Alamo Square park in San Francisco and are recognized by many from the opening shots of the TV show “Full House”.